What is Cre8 & Cowork?

Cre8 & Cowork is an exclusive community for entrepreneurs, startups & business owners. As a member, you'll be invited to social gathering of the like-minded, enjoy discounted rates for coworking space, dedicated workspace and business services, access to mentors and advisors, access to free workshops & training and most importantly be connected to the largest entrepreneur social network in Asia through our online platform.

The Benefits

How would you BENEFIT from Cre8 & Cowork?

  • #1 Find Customers

    Reach out to over 20,000 potential customers through our social network - Entreprenity.

  • #2 Save Money

    Enjoy discounted rates (at least 20%) in over 40 business centers and coworking spaces.

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      Non-Member Member
    Day Pass IDR150,000 IDR70,000
    Virtual Office Silver — 1 year IDR6,500,000 IDR4,875,000
    Virtual Office Gold — 1 year IDR8,910,000k IDR6,682,000
    Virtual Office Platinum — 1 year IDR11,616,000 IDR8,712,000
    Virtual Office Platinum+ — 1 year IDR12,750,000 IDR9,662,000
    1 hour Meeting Room IDR250,000 IDR150,000
    1 hour Conference Room IDR300,000 IDR200,000
    Basic Accounting & Bookkeeping Service IDR4,000,000 IDR3,000,000
    Black & White Printing IDR3,000 IDR1,500
    Color Printing IDR6,000 IDR3,000
    1 Year Business Web Hosting IDR1,500,000 IDR1,000,000
    1 Hour Event Space at 13A Rental IDR1,000,000 IDR700,000
    1 Hour Event Space at 13B Rental IDR1,000,000 IDR700,000
    Company Incorporation 20% Discount
    Design Services 20% Discount
    Social Media Marketing Services 20% Discount
    Paid Events 35% Discount

  • #3 Expand Your Network

    Join our regular social events, enjoy great food and drinks for FREE at selected bars and cafe around Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur & Manila.
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  • #4 Enrich Yourself

    Choose over 100 different workshops & seminar to attend to, for FREE or at a discounted rate.
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  • #5 Be Pampered

    Enjoy discount & privileges from over 50 hand picked establishments.
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  • #6 Socialize with Industry Leader

    Be invited to plenty of leading entrepreneurial events through partners like Bekraf, HIPMI, WebSummit and more.
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Be part of the largest entrepreneurial community in Asia. Only IDR200,000/month

Includes 4 credits to book Meeting Room or WorkSpace.
Join Cre8 & Cowork Now

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Cre8 Coworking Jakarta Perks

At Cre8 & Cowork, we're all a family

  • Community &

    Learn, network & get inspired everyday.

    At Cre8, everyday is a good day to make some new friends and support one another.

    • Chat over coffee at our bar
    • Face time with industry professionals
    • Get together with other members in and out of the office
    • Educational workshops and seminars by local and foreign professionals
    Be a member of Cre8 for only IDR200.000/month

    All members have access to Entreprenity, Cre8 Member's Only Network

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  • Perks &

    Enjoy over 100 curated perks for entrepreneurs & founders.

    Enjoy over 100 curated perks for entrepreneurs and founders.

    • Discount for gym memberships, organic food, salad bar and health care
    • VIP invites to workshops, programs, seminar and other external events
    • Special offer for Accounting & Bookkeeping, HR, Payroll, Executive Search services
    Be a member of Cre8 for only IDR200.000/month<

    All members have access to Entreprenity, Cre8 Member's Only Network

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  • Conference Room &
    Global Access

    Direct access to over 100+ meeting rooms globally.

    Direct access to over 40 meeting rooms in Jakarta, Bali & Surabaya and over hundreds more globally.

    • Real-time meeting room booking
    • As a Cre8 members, you get access to over 35 vOffice locations worldwide too
    • Enjoy member discounts for meeting room and event space usage.
    Be a member of Cre8 for only IDR200.000/month

    All members have access to Entreprenity, Cre8 Member's Only Network

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  • Mentoriship & Hardworking Culture

    Work together and support each other.

    • Cre8 was build on the believe that WE is better than I so feel free to ask for advise from our panel of mentors.
    • We value diversity. Our mentors join us from various backgrounds and experiences.
    • You're the average of the 5 people you spent most of your time with. At Cre8, we believe in supporting each other to more success.
    Be a member of Cre8 for only IDR200.000/month

    All members have access to Entreprenity, Cre8 Member's Only Network

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Jakarta Coworking Space for Growing Businesses

Other Services at Cre8 & Cowork

Coworking Membership

Be part of our community and enjoy a year long of privileges, be invited to our monthly events, access to Entreprenity to connect to over 20,000 entrepreneurs, professionals, mentors, advisors, 60 hours of coworking space usage in Jakarta, Manila & Kuala Lumpur, access to over 100 different classes and workshops and more.

Only IDR2.000.000 /year

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Work Space

Collaboration empower us to achieve more than ourselves, be it for that greater cause or the next world-changing idea. Join us to experience the social and energetic vibe coupled with the best elements of a workspace! Our team creates the space and together we make the community.

Dedicated Desk Coworking Plan
Private Office

A fully furnished office of your own to gives you the privacy that you need when you need it and have the freedom to join the coworking crowd when you need some inspiration or breather. Located in South Jakarta. Powered by Business Grade Leased Line. 24/7 Access.

Starting at IDR7.500.000 /mo.

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Virtual Office

Cre8 the right impression to your business. We can provide you with a prestigious Jakarta business address that's good for formal purposes such as incorporation of your company and also call answering service so you can focus on what you do best.

Address + Domicile Call Answering

All prices include 10% VAT.

Cre8 & Cowork is best experienced in person

Sign up for a FREE Coworking pass today!

Feel free to call us at 021 2922 2922 (Jakarta) during standard business hours.


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